Sellers Guide

When selling a home, please keep in mind the following.


Best Practices for Selling

  • Make sure your home is clean and in top condition. The addition of flowers whether planted or in a vase, is something that adds warmth to a home.
  • What time of day is the lighting best in your home? When is high tide if you are located on the water? Encourage your agent to schedule showings at that time of day when your property looks best.
  • It is best to remove any nervous/non friendly pets and arrange for them to be elsewhere when your home is being shown.
  • If selling in a POA or condominium regime, obtain a copy of rules and regulations from the management agency to have available with the listing.
  • You will need to select an experienced real estate attorney to represent your interests.

Offer and Negotiating

  • The offer from a buyer is made in writing through your real estate agent.
  • You may accept or counter the offer.
  • You will work closely with your agent to identify the offer that best suits your needs.
  • The conclusion of the process will result in agreement upon the price, terms and closing date.
  • You and the buyer will need to engage capable and experienced-South Carolina based real estate attorneys to represent you during the contract period and at closing.

Going to Contract

Once you have accepted an offer, you will enter the contract stage.

  • Escrow funds will be deposited.
  • You will then work with your agent to complete any conditions of the contract. Your agent will also arrange with the purchasing agent any inspections that will be performed by the purchasers.
  • If financing is involved, purchaser will work with their lender to secure final loan commitment.


When all terms of the contract have been met, the final step is the closing. Ordinarily, the buyer will ask to perform a final inspection of the property immediately prior to the closing. The date of closing will be addressed in contract. Attorneys will arrange for specific location and time when closing shall occur.


The Bluffton Realty Difference

Bluffton Realty’s agents work with every seller to provide a program tailored specifically to their needs. This is but one of the advantages we offer as an independent firm. Our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: a company that is small and vigilant enough to meet a seller’s needs, with the essential infrastructure and resources of a large firm.

Bluffton Realty agents can position a home to move quickly and at the highest possible price. We are skilled negotiators who know how to assess buyer qualifications and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal.